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Music Is A Universal Language.

Music is the other artform that brings people together.

Robb Dalby built this show based on his genuine love for hip-hop music, the artists, and the culture drove him to start this platform. Through his authentic personality, he wanted to create this platform to uplift, unite, and show inclusivity of all people within his community and worldwide.

Diggie A-2 host, Robb Dalby, supports other small businesses, upcoming artists, etc. to inspire people and others to come to a comfortable place an outlet and enjoy discussing different hip-hop artists, music, culture, and its influence.

"Robb Diggie," is the podcast host, the content creator, and an entrepreneur. He is originally from Atlanta, GA. Currently residing outside of Kansas City, MO. He is a military veteran and has a Master’s in Human Resources. He has never been a hip hop artist, but has been a fan since the late 80s. For years, he always wanted to start a pod/videocast based on his love for hip-hop music and its culture. Now that dream to influence the world with his love for the culture and progression of hip hop is streaming across the world.

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Welcome to P. U. S. H. ENTERTAINMENT, the Music Management & Marketing Services of Diggie The Progression of Hip Hop, LLC. 

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